KTRNRCS: For visuals

My first camera, a Nikon D5100 which I still use to date, was bought by dad on my 18th birthday. I said scrap the big debut, I just want a camera. I wanted to capture real memories in the hopes to immortalize them.

When papa passed away, I learned that he used the last of his savings to buy me the cam which he couldn’t afford at that time. He relied on instant noodles for a whole month of trying to save up. Just for her baby girl’s wish.

i just realized that while I wanted to immortalize moments with my camera, at that time, I wasn’t able to take much photos of my dad. I failed my original purpose.

So now I try to the best that I could to document the places and people and instances that truly matter to me. Here I am, doing photography once more.

I hope that whoever comes to read and see my stuff would feel something for it. Feel happiness, or sadness, or anger even. These stills of life are supposed to move us.

— and yea those are my portraits; proofs that I am a real person and not just a bot! Haha!

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The film-ish effect of Gudak app may (or may not be) for you

I saw a friend’s photo on my Instagram feed looking straight out of a film roll, so I asked her if she took a film cam with her on her recent trip. And she said no. It was an app called Gudak.

Curious, of course, I searched for the app and it sounded all the more interesting. You download it (for only Php49 on app store) and it allows you to take photos from a viewfinder in a 24-shot roll. And get this – after finishing the roll, you wait three days for the photos to be developed. To get a new roll, you wait an hour after consuming the previous one. The best part is that you have no preview, whatsoever. So yes, you take it and leave it as it is.

This popular analog cam app which originated in Korea is highly getting popular. So I’m publishing my photos and some tips below on how to make the most of your shots (especially the spur-of-the-moment ones). As Gudak says, preview kills the moment. But an unsuspecting photographer might miss the moment, if you are unaware of some tricks.

First, the app will take photos and process it with its film like filter. So imagine how you can play with the light, especially on a filter leaning towards a darker green shade.

Lowlight situations look as good. But be careful on really dark areas as shots may appear blurry.

Click the shutter slightly and just once, and wait for the numbers to roll… unless you want to waste one shot which you wouldn’t really like because of course your clicks are limited. I happened to do this, thus:

The viewfinder will show a zoomed out view of the shot. In the developed photos, it cuts the shot a little. If you want to make sure you get your entire subject in the photo, move back (manual zoom, yes). My misses below:


It has occasional light leaks and reddish hues. Somehow, it messes with your shot. But just the same, be prepared for that analog feels.

Lastly, yes, you can take a selfie – but it’s like the old days where you have to flip your phone so you can’t really take a look at the viewfinder.


The app isn’t for everyone, I guess. But if you’d like a little surprise, or want an analog photo feature but can’t buy your own film cam yet, then try it.

Enjoy the app! And…I have better photos below, I guess.





Yours truly,

Kat (and Neo)